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Custom Molder Since Inception

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MoldPro, Inc. was founded in 1989 by tool makers. MoldPro continues to be managed by professional tool makers and our first principal and emphasis is on getting the mold right; a correct mold minimizes the impact of molding process variability on part quality.

MoldPro has developed a streamlined, efficient, and integrated one stop approach to the entire design / manufacturing process that ensures accuracy and on-time delivery of your finished product.

The diverse industries and applications MoldPro support have created a huge reservoir of experience. As a customer of MoldPro you can expect we will apply this experience to all our projects regardless of where they fall on the concept-to-manufacturing continuum.

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  • Becton, Dickinson and Company
  • Caterpillar
  • Coty
  • Cummins
  • D’Addario
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Phillips 66
  • Sig Sauer
  • Smiths Medical
  • Smith & Wesson
  • STgenetics


  • 35% Medical Device Components
  • 25% Fragrance and Beauty Packaging
  • 25% Laboratory Plasticware
  • 15% Consumer Products


  • DELL Power Edge 2600 Server
  • Fully Integrated Production Monitoring System
  • EDI Capable
  • Solidworks
  • MasterCAM
  • On Site Sales, Service and Engineering Support


  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Openness with Customers
  • Commitment to Employees
  • Continuous Improvement Philosophy
  • Commitment to Continuance as an Independent Custom Molder

36 Denman Thompson Ave.
Swanzey, NH 03446 U.S.A.


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[email protected]

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