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MoldPro Announces Availability of 15 mL Digestion Vessels

Swanzey, NH— 3/29/19 —MoldPro announced immediate availability of 15 mL Digestion Vessels.

"Our 15 mL digestion tubes are certified to class A volume accuracy, include a metals background report and are compatible with leading brand graphite block digestion systems," said Chip Southgate, Director of New Business Development at MoldPro.

15 mL Digestion Vessels are a new offering driven by MoldPro’s commitment to customer response and broader mission of offering great value to the analytical laboratory community. 15 mL Digestion Vessels are available for immediate shipment.

Founded in 1989, Moldpro is a successful, privately owned custom molder of thermoplastics. In 2006 MoldPro began offering a line of instrument specific autosampler tubes, cups and vials. Initially supporting tribology and wear metals laboratories we quickly extended our support to the broader inorganic, wet chemistry and analytical laboratory markets. Today this line includes autosampler tubes, digestion vessels, sample cups and titration beakers.

Visit MoldPro's Lab Plasticware website.

Congratulations to Vyaire Medical

Congratulations to our customer Vyaire Medical for being featured as Best in Class in BOSS Magazine May 2018. Quite an achievement in only 18 months! We at Moldpro are proud to be part of Vyaire’s dynamic supply chain.

MoldPro, Inc. Launches New Website for Laboratory Plasticware

MoldPro, Inc. is now offering in stock laboratory plasticware that is ready-to-ship on their new website: This website is designed for various laboratories looking for autosampler tubes, centrifuge bottles, digestion vessels, viscometer vials, sample tubes for diluters, sample holders and titration sample beakers to list a few.

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