Lab Plasticware

Custom Sample Introduction
and Sample Handling Molded Vessels

MoldPro creates laboratory plasticware for varied applications. All of our Laboratory Plasticware products including autosampler cups, tubes, vessels, vials and bottles are molded from premium grade polypropylene for impact strength and resistance to common acids, alkalis and solvents.

Our products are equivalent to OEM and fit most manufacturers’ instruments including Cetac, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Dionex, Lachat, Environmental Express, SCP Science, Cannon, Spectro Scientific, Thermo Scientific and others.

Laboratory Plasticware Products Include:

  • Autosampler Cups and Tubes used for ICP, ICP-MS and ICP-OES
  • Viscometer Vials
  • Digestion Vessels and accessories
  • Titration Beakers
  • Automatic Analyzer (AA) and Graphite Furnace Autosampler Cups
  • Centrifuge Bottles
  • RDEOES disposable sample holders

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